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65 over 65 - Dr. Mary Jane Williams

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Jane Williams, one of the distinguished honorees that will be recognized throughout the year culminating in a state-wide celebration at CLN's 65th Jubilee in June 2018.

Pearl of Wisdom
"Never underestimate what you can accomplish as a nurse."

About the Honoree
Dr. Williams has taught four generations of Nurses in the State of Connecticut and has served on multiple committees State-wide to advance the practice of nursing.  She has influenced a generation of nurses to become more civically aware and politically involved in policy making.
As President of the Connecticut Nurses' Association (CNA), Dr. Williams served as spokesperson and established CNA as the voice for nursing in the State.  For more than two decades, she has led the Government Relations Committee as Chairperson and exerted her influence on issues of concern for nurses with remarkable success.  Her ability to articulate complex issues accurately and succinctly and her knowledge of the health care system has gained her the respect of medicine, policy-makers and the public alike.
Notably she served as Chief Negotiator for the interests of nursing when the Nursing Practice Act was revised in 1999. With her expertise in the clinical and theoretic practice of nursing, she was able to negotiate and find consensus on proposed legislation. Mary Jane has helped the CNA develop and articulate its position on issues including access to health care, the role of nurses and allied health personnel in providing care, the environment and public health, nursing workforce, and patient and nurse safety standards.
Successes include advocating for expansion of scope of practice for advanced practice RNs in Connecticut, helping to implement an assistance program for health care professionals, and obtaining increased funding for nursing and capacity in schools of nursing.
Nationally, Dr. Williams launched into a position of national leadership helping nurses from around the country by creating the National Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments and serving as a policy advisor. She is a founding Member of the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut and a founding member of Haven.
In 2010, CNA established the Mary Jane M. Williams Life Time Achievement Award in recognition of her contributions to the nursing profession and health care.
Congratulations Mary Jane, we applaud all that you do for nursing in Connecticut!



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