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65 over 65 - Ginger Goddu

Congratulations to Ginger Goddu, one of the distinguished honorees that will be recognized throughout the year culminating in a state-wide celebration at CLN's 65th Jubilee Luncheon to be held on June 1, 2018.

Pearl of Wisdom

"New Graduate Nurses are our future and the enthusiasm they bring to the profession is invigorating and inspiring! We must encourage them all to join professional organizations and get involved. Their voices are necessary to keep our profession led by nurses."

About the Honoree Ginger is a nurse's nurse - one who shares her expertise with all the nurses who have worked at Hartford Hospital. She possesses a tireless work ethic and her many years of knowledge and skill have been an integral part of the nursing education at Hartford Hospital. She is a champion of the staff nurse and, more importantly, the new graduate nurse.

Ginger told her family at the age of 7 that she was going to be a nurse and go to college! There were some naysayers (nurses don't go to college) but she attended UMass-Amherst, graduating with her BSN in 1972.

Her career began in the Surgical ICU at Hartford Hospital in July 1972 and she remained in that role for 12 years. Ginger then became an off-shift Instructor for the Staff Development Department. In 1993, she attended the University of Hartford to obtain her MSN and transitioned to a full-time position in Staff Development concentrating on the medical units. As the Staff Development Department became the Department of Nursing Education and Research, Ginger continued to support centralized orientation and education programs though she reported primarily to the Nursing Director for Medical Nursing.

She was instrumental in the development of the initial Hartford Hospital specific Nurse Residency Program. Ginger was the primary liaison between Nursing and Pharmacy serving on many joint task forces, and also worked house-wide focusing on supporting the geriatric population and fall prevention initiatives. She played a key role in developing and presenting classes for Preceptors and Resource Nurses and became a mentor to other educators, new managers and new nurses and continues in that role today.

Ginger was a member of and then the Chair of Hartford Hospital's annual Nursing Research Day. This conference highlighted national speakers speaking to nursing research, but the big draw was the posters and presentations submitted (and accepted after rigorous scrutiny) by bedside nurses, educators and SON instructors.

Ginger loves simulation and was involved from the start (when the mannequin was on a mobile cart)! She participated in the expansion and increased use of simulation in nursing orientation, annual Nursing Competency Day and Nurse Residency.

In 2015, Ginger retired from Hartford Hospital after 43 years of service and returned less than one year later to become a credentialed trainer to support Hartford Hospital's transition to the Epic computer system. She worked with Cardiology and Radiology procedural staff for the initial transition at Windham Hospital and Midstate Medical Center. In addition, she supports the Hartford Hospital Nurse Residency Program and provides clinical support to her peers in Medical Nursing.

For over 8 years, Ginger has been an active and engaged member of the CLN Program Committee attending monthly meetings and is always there to volunteer for the Annual Nurse Leadership Convention and RN Student Day. She is a member of ANA, CNA & ANPD though her involvement is varied and has lessened in her retirement as other interests have appeared.

Congratulations Ginger, we applaud all that you do for nursing in Connecticut!


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