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NCSBN National Sample Survey - Sent to CT Nurses in July 2017

Approximately 260,000 nurses in the U.S. will receive a survey from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and the National FORUM of State Nursing Workforce Centers in the month of July with over 2,000 surveys mailed/emailed to practicing nurses in Connecticut. Accurate data on the nursing workforce is vital to predicting potential shortages and assisting in the allocation of resources, program development and recruitment efforts in the health care and education sectors. 
It is critical for all nurses in Connecticut who receive the survey to complete and return the sample survey as soon as possible to enable the NCSBN and the National FORUM to analyze the national and Connecticut data to construct an accurate picture of the nursing workforce!
The data items (National Minimum Data Set for SUPPLY) collected will be aggregated by state and the total number of responses will comprise the national nursing workforce dataset, which will be analyzed by NCSBN and the National Forum researchers.  Comprehensive and statewide results will be published in the April 2018 edition of the "Journal of Nursing Regulation."
As the Connecticut League for Nursing (CLN) is a member of the National FORUM and is the state's Center for Nursing Workforce, CLN will, once again, partner with the Connecticut Department of Labor, and the CNC-AC to conduct a secondary "deeper dive" analysis to assist with nursing workforce planning here in Connecticut with results being published in summer of 2018.
This study is the only national-level survey in the U.S. specifically focused on the nursing workforce.  Survey respondents have a unique opportunity to contribute information that is critical to a comprehensive understanding of the supply of nurses in the country.  Results of the 2017 survey will be especially valuable in light of expanding demand for nursing services, including primary care for the millions of newly insured under the Affordable Care Act, the growing population of aging Americans, and the advance of technologies that provide virtual access to health care providers.



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